The first drawing office was established in 1866 when conducting of Public Works Department (P.W.D.). Until 1995 there were only few unions in Sri Lanka. These unions were operated under the government departments and other organizations. Among them Government Servants Draughtsman’s union (G.S.D.U) was the pioneer which was established in 1926. It is one of the oldest unions in Sri Lanka.

With the new development program of the government implemented between1977-1994, private sector became expanded and more drafting offices were established all over the Country. G.S.D.U. was consisted of draft persons working only in government departments. Realizing the situation they decided to form a new platform to gather all practicing draft persons in Sri Lanka. As a result of this “Professional Draughtsman’sAssociation” was commenced in 1997.

In 1998 the association was registered in the Department of company registrar as a non profitable establishment. The ‘Sri Lanka’ status was requested by the Hon minister of Trade, Mr. Kingsley Wickramarathne and was granted. Then in year 2000 the institute changed its name as “Institute Drafting Technologists Sri Lanka’’.

In year 2008 the executive committee of the institute decided to form District branches and 17 district branches were established which are moving forward parallel with the institute. General branch membership is being given without considering the qualification & experiences to all draughtsmen. General members are always invited and encouraged to enlist in the Institute’s national Membership.