Obtain the recognition for Draft persons as professionals and upgrading their Technical and creative abilities towards modern technologies.

The underlying story of our Mission

We have enough evidence to say that at the end of Ninth decade of 20th century the situation of the Draughtsman in Sri Lanka had been deteriorated since,

  • The parallel and higher Professionals pressed draughtsmen and the working parameters of draughtsmen were reduced.
  • Draughtsmen were neglected and used as helpers of the professionals.
  • The responsibilities which should be given to draughtsmen were distributed commonly among the professions in other fields.
  • Skill workmanship was threatened by the modern technology.

Considering all  those barriers & restrictions cropped up towards the Draft person’s career, our institute’s effort is to

  1. Get the recognition of authorities to design buildings up to a certain level.
  2. Update knowledge of the members to face the modern technology.
  3. Organize an Association of all draft persons in Sri Lanka for the first time in history

We have participated more than 100 meetings with ministers, parliamentarians, secretaries of ministries and other professional institutes for past 15 year to achieve above tasks on be half of the Draftsman in Sri lanka.

 We are glad to say that we have achieved the goal of getting into the Qualified person level in 2011.

Considering our long struggle Hon. President has issued an Extraordinary Gazette on 12th April 2011(No.1701/13) to include drafting Technologists who posses NVQ level 5 Drafting Technology(Buildings) qualification to the Qualified persons list of Urban Development Authority Srilanka. 

Download the gazette