The authorities took a great effort to standardize the education system by designing & implementing National Vocational Qualification system (NVQ) for draftsmen. IDTSL played a key role in preparation on drafting standards with Tertiary vocational & Education Commission (TVEC), Department of Technical Education & Training (DTET) and National apprentice & Industrial training authority (NAITA).

 From 2010 all drafting Courses in Sri Lanka are conducted as per NVQ standards endorsed by TVEC. Authorities have been invested power to cease courses other than NVQ standards. Standards for draftsman courses are as follows.

1.    Level 2 -Certificate level (for CAD operators)

2.    Level 3 -Certificate level (for Draft persons)

3.    Level 4 – Certificate level (for Draft persons)

4.    Level 5 -Diploma Level  (for Drafting Technologists in specialized fields)

Technical & vocational institutes have already started to conduct level 2, 3 & 4 courses in their Institutions. We hope some Colleges of technology also will start level 5 courses after few years.

IDTSL is now conducting classes with the aim of level 3 & 5 and IDTSL is the only institute which is given a task by authorities to upgrade present practicing draft persons with various qualifications to level 5 standards.