Membership of the institute is divided into six categories

  •  Fellow member
  •  Corporate member
  •  Associate member
  •  Probational Associates
  •  Probational member
  •  Student member

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Appropriate Membership grade is given by the interview conducted by the Membership committee.

Membership route and qualification required for each grade is given below.

Draughts persons who wish to enroll to the Membership, should come to the Institute during the weekend from 9.00 am to 12.00 am.


Fowling documents to be brought for the interview:

  •  Birth Certificate and a photocopy.
  •  NIC and a photocopy.
  •  Educational certificates and photocopies.
  •  Experience certificates and photocopies.
  •  Drawings / projects done & BR certificate (only for private practitioners)
  •  Passport size Photograph.

Fees (Rs.3000 to 4000 according to the membership grade)

Applications can be brought only at the Institute.

Details and the photograph of the members selected are published in the web.

Draughts persons can obtain an online General membership until get the Institute membership.

Fill the application below and submit to obtain the membership.

Only the Name & Address will be published in the web on district basis.